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LADIES TRIALS | 19th Feb at 1pm ⚽️ Please sign up here:

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Are you looking for a fun and efficient place to learn all about arts? Then we are the right place for you. Contact us now at (786) 731-7656 and ask us all about our lessons!

How can multi trusts help everyone in their to work together for better outcomes for children and ? Any top tips ? There're a few in the Checks and Balance white paper

*FEBRUARY SHOWCASE TRIAL DAY* Spaces filling up fast for our 2019-2020 intake! For your chance to be part of the FUTURE PRO ACADEMY - APPLY NOW! For current 16-18 year olds! TAKING YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL ✅

➡️Ολοκληρώθηκε με επιτυχία το ενδοεπιχειρησιακό σεμινάριο με θέμα: «Μετάβαση από το ISO 50001:2011 στο ISO 50001:2018»

Excellent talk and Q&A with ⁦⁩ at the ⁦ just now. Impressive, polished, a ‘big beast of broadcasting’ (to use a phrase she rightly noted is used to mean ‘men’). Great stuff!

Coming towards the end of the 2nd Ladies Academy with this lovely group. Every one of them has been superb! On to the next one! DM me for more details

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Simplon Ceramic | Product Slideshow

Product (wall tiles) slideshow of Simplon Ceramic - Morbi (INDIA).

Software : Adobe After Effects 


Hologram A.I. Martis | Hologram Effect

Artificial intelligence hologram Martis talking with human. Future technology concept.

Software : Adobe After Effects


MAAC Academy Logo

MAAC Academy logo intro. Made with Plexus.

Software : Adobe After Effects