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Red Black Printable Art, Abstract Large Art, Instant Download, Modern Print, Digital Painting, 30x30, 24x24 Art Print Abstract Art RegiaArt via

Object Oriented Programming () is a programming style which is associated with the concepts like , , , , , . Most popular programming languages like , , ,etc. follow an paradigm.

After John Ruskin: hand drawn copy of Twelve Diagrams showing the Construction of Heraldic Ordinaries. From Ruskin’s teaching collection at the Ashmolean, Oxford. Original drawing reference URL:

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Sonia Delaunay by Selma Morgenstern


Inter-dimensional Dog Walk Video Abstraction v3 ~ canine mental meanderings ~
#theoriginalplottgirl #plottgirl #plotthound #plotthoundoftheday #doglifeabstract #doglife ~
#abstract #abstraction #abstractart #mutation #transmutation #trippy #trippyart #trippyartwork (at Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area)

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