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| J-2️⃣ avant la fin des inscriptions au Concours National de ! RAPPEL : le 🏆 représentera la 🇫🇷 au WCC lors de l'IBA Meeting en 🇨🇳, le 4 novembre ! Les visiteurs amoureux des 🥂 sont évidemment les bienvenus au Solera lundi prochain, à 14H 🕑 !

Our producers; waiting on the community leaders before filming.... We were given life guards and protection in order to have a safe shoot on the water. 😍 .

Bakamla dan bertekad meningkatkan kerja sama antar kedua instansi. Hal tersebut disampaikan Kepala Bakamla Laksdya Bakamla A. Taufiq R. saat menjawab pertanyaan wartawan dalam konferensi pers (18/6).

Sebagai respon terhadap kompleksitas keamanan laut lintas negara saat ini, Bakamla dan menyelenggarakan kegiatan Maritime Security Desktop Exercise (MSDE) ke-9 di Jakarta, Selasa (18/6)

| J-3⃣ avant la fin des inscriptions au Concours National de 🍸! Envoyez vos candidatures & à ou ! Le gagnant représentera la 🇫🇷 au WCC en le 4 novembre 2019 ! RDV au Solera Bar 👇

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SAVE THE DATE - Si avvicina la data dell'inaugurazione della Nuova De Amicis di donata dalla , costruita dalla Subissati Srl. realizza gli impianti di e . “Ci mettiamo

Meet me and the RingCentral team on June 19th at the Asian Banking Forum to talk about Banks Digital Transformation and how to engage with your customers in the digital world.

Este pasado jueves tuvimos la oportunidad de tener a las familias del boquiabiertos con el eventazo que se ha currado el alumnado del en el Cubo.

It's a Prison within a Prison for me in , in clear breach of , upon orders being subjected to inhumane degrading treatment DAILY, a simple walk out of the room to the IHMS for medication, two Guards have to do a very invasive full body search.

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¿Conoces ?, enterate de la labor que hace esta empresa y su fundador Mirá la charla completa en nuestro canal de Youtube     

nos dio a entender por qué es el champion. Averigualo mirando la charla completa nuestro canal de Youtube     

Delighted to be back in my hometown of to present w/ 2 board and to thank them for their generous support of including ABE board members active on twitter: ; ; ; ; ;

"Creo en el activismo del sector empresarial involucrándose en las políticas públicas". No te pierdas la charla completa de en nuestro canal de youtube.     

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Thousands of Syrian refugees could be sent back, says Lebanese minister
Photograph: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images

As many as three quarters of Syrian refugees in Lebanon could return to Syria because they face no fear of political persecution or threat to their security, Lebanon’s controversial foreign minister has said.

Gebran Bassil also urged the UK to rethink how it was spending aid money on keeping 1.5 million refugees in Lebanon, where he said they were taking the jobs from the Lebanese, and undercutting wages.

The UK has supplied as much as £500m to help house, feed and educate Syrian refugees in Lebanon since the start of the ciivl war in 2011.

Bassil is the son in law of the president, Michel Aoun, and the leader of the Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement, the largest political party in the country’s parliament. Last week he faced allegations of racism that he denies after it was alleged he had implied that some refugees might be corrupt.

In an interview with the Guardian, he said: “Most of the Syrians – much more than 75% – are no more in security and political fear, but are staying for economic reasons. We know more than 500,000 Syrians working in Lebanon. They are working every where in breach of our labour laws, and yet even though they break the law they are not being repatriated.

“They are working in Lebanon, taking jobs from the Lebanese because they paid at cheaper rate because they have no taxes to pay and they are being assisted on top of the wages they are paid.”

Related: ‘Every day brings a new massacre’: Eid offers no respite for Idlib

Aid agencies working with refugees have cited concerns over loss of property and conscription into the Syrian army and fear of reprisals as major reasons why they did not want to return home. The agencies have resisted Lebanese government efforts to tear down any semi-permanent structure put up by refugees.

Bassil insisted it was not his government’s policy to try to force Syrians to return to their homeland.

He added: “The British taxpayers are paying money for an unlimited period of time that is not being spent in the right direction. They should be paid to return to their country. As President Trump said, money spent on a refugee to go back to his country is much much less than to keep him out of his country.”

He defended his country’s record of welcoming Syrian refugees. He said: “No one country did what Lebanon did. No one country is able to host 200 refugees per square kilometre, more than 40% of its population. Imagine here in Britain you are receiving 50 million people. That is the comparison.

“Despite all that we have endured we never thought of forcing anyone to return. We are talking of a dignified and safe gradual return for people who are willing. That now applies to the majority of Syrians in Lebanon because now most of Syria is safe and most of those in Lebanon do not face any political or security obstacles for their return. They are staying because they are assisted to stay in the Lebanon, and if they go back to Syria they will lose that assistance. This is the main reason.”

Bassil added: “They are receiving aid for every aspect of their lives they are receiving free education, shelter and healthcare. They are better covered on health than the Lebanese. They are afraid that once they leave, they will lose the assistance”.

He said the number of movements across the border is 700,000 to 800,000 a month, and people who hold refugee cards go regularly to Syria and come back to Lebanon.

“The tension is mounting internally. Our economy is really collapsing. How can you put your own economy on your feet when you carry this burden.”

Bassil also denied that any of his remarks could be construed as racist, arguing every country puts its citizens first.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain released on bail

London [UK], June 12 (ANI): A day after being arrested by London Police, Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain was released on bail on Wednesday.
“A man in his 60s arrested in connection with an investigation into a number of speeches made by an individual associated with the MQM in Pakistan has today, Wednesday, 12 June been bailed,” Express Tribune quoted an official police statement.
The leader has been arrested in connection with a 2016 hate speech, where he had allegedly asked his supporters to take the law into their own hands.
The lawyer for the Government of Pakistan, Toby Cadman, told Geo News that there is sufficient evidence to charge Hussain.
I have seen the evidence, I have reviewed all the evidence from Pakistani authorities and I can say that it presents a compelling case. It is my assessment that there is sufficient evidence to charge Altaf Hussain for a number charges,“ Cadman was quoted as saying.
According to the lawyer, the likelihood of Hussain being charged was extremely high. "I would certainly expect him to face charges. He may be held in custody. He may be bailed. But he will be brought before a magistrate and face trial. What we have to understand is that this process takes months,” he said.
Cardman further stated that Islamabad would still have options if the Metropolitan Police or Crown Prosecution Service decided against charging Hussain.
Without naming Hussain, the Metropolitan Police had said in a statement that “the man who is aged in his 60s, was arrested at an address in north west London.”
In the last three decades, the MQM has dominated politics in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, where the party has the support of Urdu-speaking Muhajirs, who migrated from India to Pakistan during the partition in 1947.
Hussain regularly makes television addresses or telephone speeches to his supporters, where he heavily criticises the Pakistan Army and ISI for alleged “military oppression” of Muhajirs.Hussain has also been accused by his opponents of encouraging his party workers to indulge in violence. (ANI)

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Could I get a read on PLs feelings for me and what the future holds? -ABF 🌟✨

So currently you seem to be in a pretty good place. Your relationship seems to go just fine regardless of its nature. You both seem pretty happy with how things are, but I’m getting that PL seems a little off. His mind is looking like a right mess. Could it be that he’s been acting strange towards you lately? Differently than he usually would? His attitude towards you seems rather neutral, neither good nor bad. Yet he feels very emotionally connected to you, physically the attraction is also there. He seems to definitely have feelings for you, pretty profound, wholesome feelings of adoration. 

Due to his current strangeness, and his lack of interest in things, the future – possibly the near future – seems to hold conflicts, a little icy atmosphere, maybe a heavy argument, critical comments which would usually be supportive and constructive are now harsh and cold. Still, don’t let this frighten you or induce worry, because it’s all in your hands, you’re not at the mercy of the universe or anyone. You can talk to PL about what’s bothering him, he’s likely to open up eventually, especially if you approach him directly about it. Arguments don’t mean the end of things, it’s easily something you can pull through and work on!

If my reading brought you insight, leave feedback here or leave a tip here! 🌻🌼

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your opinion on abf (if you've had enough time to form one)?

I don’t have two big of an opinion, since he’s only gone on one night (and it’s hard to form a solid opinion after one performance).  So far I’m liking his Evan (probably fifth on my list?), but there’s one main issue I’m going to point out here, which I like to call the Ben Platt effect.

I got a vibe similar to Colton Ryan’s debut as Evan; he’s trying too hard to be like Ben Platt.  It’s clear he idolizes Ben, which is certainly alright, but since he’s so young and this is such a big role to take on he’s just trying so hard to be just like his idol instead of truly finding his own voice.

Different from Ben, though, his age does truly help in making him feel genuine, and I honestly feel that his performance was more endearing than Ben’s ever was.  He has a long way to go, of course, but I think he’ll quickly find his footing.  He’s doing incredible for a sixteen year old, and I really hope the role doesn’t destroy his voice and he can continue to do his dream role for as long as he wants.