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An at ‘The Deck’, as we fondly call it, before leaving for again tomorrow. It’s always such a soulful wrench leaving , it’s just an awesome place! @birkenheadbrewery #…

Police have a 31-year-old man at Sydney Airport this morning, in connection with his alleged role in the “coordinated theft” of more than $1 million worth of from retail outlets across Sydney by NSW Police

I translated this code and this is the result: 'WHO AM I? = @ (' Awesome! Isn't it?! Definitely shouldn't be a random pick?!

La che abbiamo vissuto può innescare un circolo virtuoso, il primo passo è aumentare informazione e cultura finanziaria, un presidio che deve partire da banche, scuola e famiglie. Così Diego Manente del Collegio di a

arriva a : in corso presso l’Università l'evento su e con D. Manente ( Milano) ed esperti . Moderano G. L. Trequattrini (Banca d’Italia) e (). Scopri il programma qui

Lär dig mer svenska och svensk samhället via Kulturcafé i Tibro. Välkommen på kULTURCAFÉ. Varje Fredag kl :17.30 - 19.00 på ABFs lokal. أهلا بكم في المقهى الثقافي كل يوم جمعة من الساعة 17,30 -19,00 مساء في مقر ABF

Excellent day today bringing together all our new graduates from , and for a day of networking and learning all about building resilience at work with

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Modi to inaugurate Indian diaspora conclave in Varanasi

New Delhi, Jan 21 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this year’s Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD), the Indian diaspora conclave, in Varanasi on Tuesday in which at least 5,000 delegates from the overseas candidate community are expected to participate.

“In reverence to the sentiments of the larger diaspora to participate in Kumbh Mela and Republic Day celebrations, the 15th PBD Convention is being organised from January 21 to 23, 2019, instead of January 9,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement on Monday.

“After the convention, participants will visit Prayagraj for Kumbh Mela on January 24,” it stated.

“They will then proceed to Delhi on January 25 and witness the Republic Day parade at New Delhi on January 26.”

The theme of PBD 2019 is “Role of Indian Diaspora in building New India”.

The government had last year announced that the 15th PBD will be organised between January 21 and 23, instead of from January 9 – the day Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa to India – in reverence to the sentiments of the larger diaspora community to participate in Kumbh Mela and Republic Day celebrations.

“We can see the reflection of the excitement of people in the registration. Because of the two attractions (Kumbh Mela and Republic Day) this time, the number of registration has gone up by 2.5 to three times, with 5,802 registrations so far,” External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj told the media during a joint briefing with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow on January 16.

“Till now, the maximum number of people from a country used to be 50-60, now there are countries from where people are coming in a group of 400,” Swaraj said.

She said the aim of the government was to attract the new generation to the country and tell them about the culture.

Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth will be the chief guest of this year’s PBD and will also address Tuesday’s inaugural ceremony.–IANS


Searching for a place in the industry

December was an incredible month for me. I managed to pull a small team of developers across the finish line in my Senior Capstone course building a social network for academic research at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. I attended a medallion ceremony for STEM students and I graduated with a B.S. in Information Technology, one of the proudest moments of my life. My girlfriend turned 21 and we celebrated in Kansas City before attending five different family Christmas functions. Looking back the whole month feels like one big blur, and I still haven’t really accepted the fact that I don’t have any academic projects to be working on.

Now that the dust has settled on 2018 and the new year has rolled around I’ve found myself on an exciting new journey to find my first place in the industry. I started in September applying to jobs on different career sites and perfecting my resume. I’ve since begun making heavy use of LinkedIn Premium and the LinkedIn Job Search mobile app for Android which has dramatically improved the efficiency of my search and how quickly I can apply to suitable positions. I’ve enjoyed several interviews already and have more to come in the near future.

My first response came from Google with regards to a recent graduate software engineering position. I’ve received and passed a coding challenge and have had two technical phone interviews with engineers thus far. I passed the first interview and should receive feedback concerning the second technical interview in the near future. I’m really looking forward to knowing how I performed because I believe the next step is an onsite interview in Mountain View, CA, which would be so exciting!

I’ve also interviewed with ArcBest Technologies here in Fort Smith. ABT supports several umbrella companies to ArcBest Corporation, including ArcBest Freight. I’ve had a few phone interviews, including a technical phone interview, and also enjoyed an incredible onsite interview where I was able to meet the CIO and several employees. I really enjoyed speaking with Omar, a Software Engineer that participated in my technical interview. I had a blast at their location and especially enjoyed peering in at their mainframes.

In the near future I have interviews scheduled with Lockheed Martin, Atos Syntel, and Ford Motor Company through Modis. I’m excited to see what the future holds. It’s a daunting thing, not knowing where I’m going to live in a month, but I’m excited to branch out and experience a new community. The most important thing to me in this process is finding a place where I can make an impact. I’m ready to make my mark in the industry and to grow as a software engineer.

I’ll keep you updated about my job hunting experience. I hope to have good news to report in the near future. Are any of you currently job hunting in a technical field? I’d love to hear some of your stories!

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dude i also think abf should play evan in the film but how would it work w his contract unless they film it after he leaves in 2020/he takes a break to film it and comes back

yea true I didnt even think of how that would work lmao,, i hope he does that tho tbh (if he wants to ofc skjsjsk)

ok let me be really clear. i’m not going to hunt you down and rip holes in your socks if you’re 14, 15, 16, 17 and have a crush on a certain 16 year old broadway star. i’m not gonna be upset with you if you’re also a kid and you happen to be attracted to him. that’s fine. 99% of the human population can relate to that. and you can’t really control it.

what i’m saying is this: if you’re 18, 19, 20+ and you’re making sexual comments about him. if you’re any age and you stalk his social media and leave creepy comments. if you write andrew feldman x reader smut fics (or fics in general). if you send him weird shit and make him uncomfortable — and i’m his age, so don’t tell me he “won’t be uncomfortable,” he would be. if you proclaim loudly that you want him to [insert weird sexual things here]. if you do something that is morally wrong/rude/stalkerish/mean/paedophilic? i swear to god, well, you’d better be looking out for your appendix. 

it’s ok to have a crush on a celebrity who’s in your reasonable age range. it’s not okay to make him uncomfortable.

i’m the self appointed leader of the andrew barth feldman protection squad and i take this title very seriously. do not sexualise him or i swear to god

This is probably not the best place to do this

Alright so my opportunity for an ANR just went up in smokes. As of right now I’m desperate so I guess I’m turning to tumblr. I can help induce just hit me up in my messages I suppose