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“Non mi scandalizza che un azionista debba contribuire al cattivo andamento della banca, anche per evitare disuguaglianze con gli azionisti di altri tipi di società. L’importante è che sia consapevole di essere un azionista” così M. Marinari di a

La primera computadora automatica capaz de almacenar información en material genético ya está aquí gracias a la colaboración entre y

Oggi alle 15 nella biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio di si parla di nel settore finanziario e dei consumatori, con esperti e M. Marinari . Moderano G.L.Trequattrini e P.Giacomin . Info:

Logo di "Incontri con la Banca d'Italia" - La stabilità nel settore finanziario e la tutela del consumatore di servizi bancari e finanziari

Since 2016 's has kept me in ,Took me away from my home of Melbourne from the arms of my Partner,locked me up in a cage & left my Partner Alone & Vulnerable,Me is all she had! Now she has been Hospitalized again. What has Australia achieved by this?

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: quand t’a dit à ton que tu ferais un effort pour t’insérer dans le site notamment au niveau des matériaux .... ( Arnhem - Sabelspoort photo )

Début des travaux d'étanchéité de la terrasse entre les deux tours occidentales de la cathédrale de Reims. – at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Reims

Mais uma vez, a Sorridents compõe o seleto grupo de marcas que receberam a principal honraria do mercado de franquias brasileiro. Parabéns a todos que fazem parte da rede de clínicas odontológicas mais premiada do Brasil! 🏆

O setor de franchising fechou 2018 com 589 redes que possuem modelo de microfranquia, segundo ABF - Associação Brasileira de Franchising.

Since a young one, I love heaven and hate hell😈Escobar style, I'll build my own jail🤫💰

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Especializada em vendas de produtos, Taki App vira franquia

Did Felicity Huffman’s Daughter, Sophia Grace Macy, Know About the College Admission Scandal?
Felicity Huffman is at the center of controversy due to the college admission scandal, but did her daughter also know about it? Here’s what we know. Read more

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Could I get a read on PLs feelings for me and what the future holds? -ABF 🌟✨

So currently you seem to be in a pretty good place. Your relationship seems to go just fine regardless of its nature. You both seem pretty happy with how things are, but I’m getting that PL seems a little off. His mind is looking like a right mess. Could it be that he’s been acting strange towards you lately? Differently than he usually would? His attitude towards you seems rather neutral, neither good nor bad. Yet he feels very emotionally connected to you, physically the attraction is also there. He seems to definitely have feelings for you, pretty profound, wholesome feelings of adoration. 

Due to his current strangeness, and his lack of interest in things, the future – possibly the near future – seems to hold conflicts, a little icy atmosphere, maybe a heavy argument, critical comments which would usually be supportive and constructive are now harsh and cold. Still, don’t let this frighten you or induce worry, because it’s all in your hands, you’re not at the mercy of the universe or anyone. You can talk to PL about what’s bothering him, he’s likely to open up eventually, especially if you approach him directly about it. Arguments don’t mean the end of things, it’s easily something you can pull through and work on!

If my reading brought you insight, leave feedback here or leave a tip here! 🌻🌼

[ID, that one meme pic with the old white guy in a suit, who I have been informed is Bernie Sanders, standing in front of a podium next to a whiteboard saying something really seriously. The whiteboard reads, “if any of u disrespect andrew barth feldman i’ll rip your goddamn toenails off,” followed by, in smaller text, “he’s literally 16 and he’s done more already than most of u will ever so shut up and let him do his thing :’)))]

What to Watch: Imperial invests £100m in e-cigarettes, Primark boosts ABF and European markets
Growth market: A woman using one of Imperial Brands’ e-cigarettes blu. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Here are the top business, market and economic stories you should be watching today in the UK, Europe and abroad:

Imperial invests £100m in e-cigarettes

Imperial Brands (IMB.L), the tobacco company behind brands like Golden Virginia and Rizla, announced its full-year results on Tuesday. Revenue rose 0.9% to £30.5bn and operating profit rose by 5.7% to £2.4bn. Shares were trading over 1.3% higher shortly after the open.

CEO Alison Cooper emphasised Imperial’s focus on “next generation products” (NGP) — e-cigarettes and vapes — in a statement accompanying the results.

“I’m pleased with the progress we are making in creating something better for the world’s smokers,” Cooper said. “In NGP our main focus is on transitioning smokers to blu, a significantly less harmful alternative to cigarettes.”

Imperial had net revenues of £200m from its next generation products and said it plans to invest £100m in the first half of next year in blu, its flagship e-cigarette.

“This will result in a slightly lower adjusted operating profit in the first half that will be more than offset in the second half to deliver full year profit growth,” Imperial said.

Primark boosts Associated British Foods

Discount clothing retailer Primark buoyed the full-year results of owner Associated British Foods (ABF.L), the company said on Tuesday.

ABF released its full-year results, showing revenues up 1% to £15.6bn and adjusted pre-tax profit up 5% to £1.3bn. ABF has a highly diversified business, covering everything from cooking ingredients and sugar production to fast-fashion giant Primark.

Changes to EU rules on sugar supply have hit ABF’s sugar business, where revenue fell 15% in the year. However, CEO George Weston said the performance of Primark and ABF’s grocery, agricultural, and ingredient divisions “more than offset the decline in sugar profit.” ABF shares are up close to 2% after an hour trading.

Germany powers European growth

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — Germany is the powerhouse of Europe.

The latest IHS Markit PMI estimates for European growth were published on Tuesday. The survey of purchasing managers is closely watched in the market and seen as a good proxy for economic growth.

The results show a buoyant Germany supporting the eurozone while Italy lags behind. Germany’s composite PMI for October came in at 53.4, beating forecasts of 52.7. (Anything above 50 signals growth; below means contraction.) France delivered a composite PMI of 54.1, slightly below forecasts of 54.3 but still respectable.

Italy didn’t get a composite reading but its service sector PMI came in at 49.2 — well below the 52.0 forecast and meaning the sector is in fact contracting.

Overall, the eurozone PMI reading came in at 53.1, beating economists’ forecast of 52.7.

European markets

European stock markets were mixed on Tuesday, with investors cautious ahead of the US mid-term results and Brexit news thin on the ground.

At just after 9.10am local time, Britain’s FTSE 100 (^FTSE) was down 0.12%, Germany’s DAX (^GDAXI) was down 0.12%, France’s CAC 40 (^FCHI) was down 0.19%, and the Euronext 100 (^N100) was down 0.16%.

Asian markets largely rose overnight. Japan’s Nikkei 225 (^N225) closed up 1.14%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index (^HSI) ended up 0.72%, but China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite (000001.SS) closed down 0.23%.

Elsewhere, India’s Sensex (^BSESN) is up 0.05% and Australia’s ASX All Ordinaries (^AORD) ended 0.91% higher.

What to expect in the US

US stock futures were jittery as the country went to the polls to vote in mid-term elections.

S&P 500 futures (ES=F) were down 0.13%, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures (YM=F) were down 0.07%, and Nasdaq futures (NQ=F) were down 0.24%. The VIX volatility-tracking index (^VIX) was up 2.46%.

In corporate news, the following US companies have results later today:

  • CVS Health (CVS)

  • Eli Lilly (LLY)

  • Thomson Reuters (TRI)

  • Ralph Lauren (RL)

  • Commercial Vehicle Group (CVGI)

  • Turtle Beach (HEAR)

  • Twilio (TWLO)

  • Etsy (ETSY)

  • Match (MTCH)

  • Planet Fitness (PLNT)

  • Papa John’s (PZZA)


Facts have integrity 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤴🏿🤴🏿🦅🦅💰💰💯💯 #Repost @shelton_gibbs with @get_repost
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90 from the prompt list, Jerevin 👀

“I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.”


“Yeah, uh-huh, and you wanted it to list - yes, your sister in-law’s address as yours, too. Right. And that was 46 Caravan Place in - oh, alright. Got it. I’ll send you the license and passport as soon as your check clears. The birth certificate and social security numbers come after the second payment, you know.” Gavin glanced up as Jeremy walked into the little office Gavin had set up in downtown Los Santos. The curtains were partially drawn. The filing cabinets he had once helped put into the room were now stuffed full of folders, files, documents, unclaimed IDs. What had once been the private bathroom no functioned as a dark room and general workshop. “Right, okay, thanks.” He hung up before turning back to his laptop. Jeremy didn’t need the full on welcome to know to sit down in one of the chairs across from Gavin’s desk.

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This is probably not the best place to do this

Alright so my opportunity for an ANR just went up in smokes. As of right now I’m desperate so I guess I’m turning to tumblr. I can help induce just hit me up in my messages I suppose