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ruined theatre

If you think you’re having a tough week, spare a thought for this couple. The unsuspecting pair were forced to their ute as it was destroyed by crushing whipped up by that combined with king tides

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Outdoor training # WE ARE TEAM! Never abandon, Never give up, team is there, I am there, team wins, I win.

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Y’all ever just have thoes friends that are all prettier the you and you always hang with them and then your like fuck...I’m never getting a boyfriend💀

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Despite all the nonsensical drama regarding so called family and friends… I can’t help but feel I’ve been forgotten… again,

I’m back to the orphanage it feels like.


Welcome to my garden by Marco Orazi

You can negate from your lonliness all that you want

and it still won’t get you anywhere.

The same old ache will not cease that gnaw at your bones.

Reminding you like smell of old garbage, like the spoiled milk of obvious rough wounds that: maybe it doesn’t go away.


Tonight it hit me

Laying in bed, waiting

For sleep to close

My eyes; aching

Yet words fill my mind

Like bees swarm their hive

And I’m stuck reasoning

With myself; deepening

My understanding of who I am-

I’ll look through posts,

Memories; both old and new,

Longing to learn more of

What I’ve been through

Except I’m not here-

Not within this body;

Watching her, emotional

I’m struck by how stuck

I am; detached, delusional

Almost- as if two sides of me

Exist simultaneously;

Looking in, from the outside

I find- and fight-

Overwhelming doubts

Of the woman in sight

Her success isn’t earned,

And she’ll never deserve

The life she lives-

But how do I have the nerve

To make such judgements

Of a woman I do not know

Yet merely watch;

Without a single ‘hello,’

For fear that words

Would break the reality

I’ve built in my mind

Of her life; anxiously

Watching, jealousy growing

It never occurs to me

This life- her life, is mine

Yet all I can see

Is how comfortable, relaxed

She must be-

And now, all I can think;

What if this feeling

Is merely a projection

Transparent, revealing

All of the times I’ve felt

Less than; an outsider

You don’t need anyone’s affection or approval in order to be good enough. When someone rejects or abandons or judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their limitations, and needs, and you don’t have to internalize that. Your worth isn’t contingent unpon other people’s acceptance of you-it's something inherent.
—  Danielle Koepke
Am I the only one feeling abandoned when people aren't texting back fast?

I started a relationship with an English boy (i am french) this year. We met at school as he is in his erasmus year. I almost instantly had something for him. The communication is a little bit hard sometime and he’s kinda distant these days… The fact that he is not texting back really fast or even converse with me make me think that he must be bored by me. Also he is still in very good shape with his ex girlfriend and I can’t do nothing about it. I feel abandoned and alone most of the time and I want to cut myself from it but when we are together it is magic and we spend good time. It really tortures me. I don’t know what to do.

I am afraid because i am in love with him and I know this feeling of abandon will be even worse when he’ll live France… It’s a blessing in disguise at the end. I learn to be less emotional dependant and i am prepared for the end of the relationship.

Am I a bit psycho? Am I too emotional? Why I always feel less loved in my relationship? Why do I hate meself?

Okay basically i had ocs. And i separated into two universes


Where my main ocs live













And then the second one


Where all of my failed and unused ocs exists





5.Luke (idk why i put the same name as the POLLUTED universe)