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January 23, 2020

Being an adult means hurting your knee in your sleep.

Celebration time: I am so amazed by my resilience now! Every time something happens that even two years ago would have ruined my entire day, it’s water off a duck’s back. I can’t even get to the point of stewing and self-pitying if I wanted to (cus you know, it’s an unhealthy kind of “fun” to wallow) - my mind shies away from those paths because it’s so illogical to get upset about a one-off event that you can’t control. I can barely conceive of it anymore. In fact, the only reason I know it’s possible is because I used to be that way, and I know people who are still that way.

So what if my bus broke down on the side of the road and we had to wait 50 minutes for a replacement? Being upset or frustrated doesn’t change the fact that I was going to be sitting on that bus for 50 minutes on top of a 90-minute bus ride - really, it would make an already unpleasant situation worse. It’s becoming a trend to listen to music on speakers without headphones around town - this is immensely annoying and discourteous, but I can’t control other people’s behavior so I let it go.

That isn’t to say nothing gets me down - that’s impossible! But it doesn’t keep me down. Negative feelings are inevitable, it’s how you handle them that is important. I saw a tweet, “Recognize your shit, feel your shit, but don’t lose your shit,” and that’s the gist of my thoughts exactly, if phrased a bit more colorfully than I would phrase it! So what if I had a bad night’s sleep? I’ll sulk for ten minutes and then I’m over it and moving on. It’s in the past.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about that’s connected to this idea is that at its heart, it’s letting go of expectations. My expectation Wednesday night getting on the bus was to get home without a hitch - when that didn’t happen, I was able to let go of any resentment, entitlement, or anger that would have resulted from my refusing to let go of my expectation of how things should go versus how they were going. When we are upset that something bad happens to a loved one, we need to let go of the expectation that nothing bad ever happens to the people we love and/or that we can protect them from all the bad in the world, because if you hold onto that too tightly, all that come of it is guilt and frustration.

Prepare as best you can - that builds the expectation you have going in - but sometimes things just don’t work out. “The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.”

What helps mitigate the disappointment of failed expectations, for me, is gratitude. Yes, the bus broke down and we’ll all be waiting around for 50 minutes for another one, but we were safe. It was only fifty minutes. It was extra reading time. I’ve practiced this enough that it comes easily.

And if I find myself in a situation where perhaps I could have done something to better prepare, I plan for the future instead of dwell in the past. I have trouble sleeping because my mind races - not about anything important, just singing to itself, or solving code problems, or planning a story. That was why I had the aforementioned poor night’s sleep (among many others). Instead of sulking (okay, I sulked for 20 minutes), I’m thinking, what can I do to get better sleep? If I could practice dealing with my anxiety and depression, there’s no reason I can’t practice clearing my mind and shutting down these thoughts! First step is being aware when it happens - sometimes a difficulty and then I’ve gone 30 minutes down the mental rabbithole! Then bringing it back to something calming, like my breath. Or counting sheep, if that actually works.  I have to do some research on mind-clearing techniques and try them out. Thinking about it this way makes me feel optimistic and empowered, instead of helpless and pouty.


for those of you who don’t follow me on ig, I have had so many intense and very long lasting break downs lately lol and this one lasted 6 HOURS

I was feeling lonely today, and I was especially lonely because Ichthyology was cancelled, so I wouldn’t be able to be around people until Dinner Gang and Latin tonight. But then I ran into Matt and we went on a walk together, and now I’m feeling good! c: