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Out now! .com I want to inspire artist to think outside their musical comfort zone.

The use of time-stretching features on many tracks and gives a scratchy, metallic quality to some samples, particularly breakbeats.

Eventually the use of horror elements was dropped as producers relied more on effects such as reverb, delay, pitch shifting and time stretching to create a chaotic sinister mood

Darkside tracks are generally 150-167 BPM. Many tracks feature dark-themed samples such as choirs, synthesizer notes, horror movie theme music, or cries for help.

Darkside is characterized by aggressive, often syncopated breakbeats;low frequency bass lines; and a strong 4-to-the-floor beat, owing to the subgenre's hardcore origins

Darkside is one of the direct precursors of Drum and Bass. Popular in 1992 & 1993, it was a counter movement to Happy Hardcore which also evolved from Breakbeat

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We never thought we were cool


The Servants - Look Like A Girl


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