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Throwback Thursday at work so I did my thing and went as & had myself a moment!! 🙌🏽 A Thread: ⬇️📸✨😍🎤

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REWIND 25 years to March 21, 1994... 🎸🎤🏆 performs “Streets of Philadelphia” during the 66th , and a short time later, is handed a Best Original Song for it. It’s from the movie “Philadelphia,”


Fuuuxxx. When you’re in nostalgia mode, but your fat ass can’t sport the old-school shit ‘cause your past X-L 😔

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For the week ending March 21, 1992, hit #1 on the chart with . One of my top 10 favorite songs from the . ❤️ “How could you give your love to someone else and share your dreams with me?” 😔

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Naomi Campbell


Watch: a-ha - Train Of Thought


Ryan Gosling was alway a legend 👈🏽

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