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Entrenamiento de la selección de futbol de Nicaragua en Barbados contra quienes se mide el domingo en la noche

Vandaag is aanwezig bij . We zetten onze ervaring en creativiteit in om het nog beter te maken!

Tristan Hansack, hijo del ex big leaguer Devern Hansack, será inscrito por la Costa Caribe para este fin de semana ya que el joven fue dado de baja por los .

El cotizado prospecto Elian Rayo debutará este fin de semana con los Indigenas de Matagalpa en el Pomares. Se presume que el joven firmará con los San Francisco Giants en julio.

Everth Cabrera entrenando con los Tiburones de Granada con quienes debutará en el Pomares este viernes

Se confirma la ausencia del delantero Jaime Moreno para el partido contra Barbados debido a problemas migratorios para llegar a Nicaragua

Oficialmente en Japón ha despegado la temporada 2019 de la con victoria para los sobre los

Los extendieron por seis temporadas y 100 millones de dólares al 3B Alex Bregman.

最近8Dサウンドにハマってる… ♪ Surroundをめいっぱいかけて再生するとやたら空間が広がって、まるで宇宙遊泳してる気分だ 低音域を編集したらもっと面白いことになるが気分が悪くくなるのでやめた(笑)原音で十分だった また仕事の合間で私は何を遊んでるのだ(^^ゞ

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Los han llegado a un acuerdo de Ligas Menores con el veterano Gio Gonzalez. El cubano pelearía al igual que Jonathan Loaisiga un puesto en la rotacion de los neoyorquinos.

Jamie did a great job as Speaker of the House


Alta del 2do episodio. Puerto Rico 1 Nicaragua 0 *Explota Ronald Medrano tras dar cinco BB y admitir un triple en sus primeros ocho bateadores enfrentados.

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Thank God no one has made a northern downpour 8D audio yet

…because if you do, I’d definitely cry for hours.

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She doesn't give much of an opportunity to for Meredy to really react; after the flurry of cards dissipates, she's in front of the girl, a brief apparition with a harlequin smile that was mischievous as well as coy. The bouquet was nothing fancy nor were the flowers all that spectacular, but their fragrance was subtle & their color kept to a noticeable palette. "Here," she goes with a wink. "For bein' a team player." Without ceremony, she disappears. But a single call-card shows her name.

it was an uncanny emotion that overwhelmed her. a touch of blush to her freckles cheeks betrayed the collected nature she tried to maintain. soon, her rosy lips part in surprise, an evident captivation in the beautifully arranged flowers. she couldn’t remember the last time someone provided her with such a gesture–––perhaps because there simply wasn’t a moment from her time on earth that compared to this one. 

she had approached to meredy with playfulness, yet unmistakable confidence. she was affectionate, yet respectful enough to keep her within a quaint sense of comfort. the maguilty witch’s emerald eyes, which lit up briefly, met the other’s. her pale hands delicately accepted the gift, bringing the bouquet to her nose to both admire their scent and shield any silly expression she might’ve unconsciously given.   

❛ thank you, cana. you’re very  .  .  .  sweet. ❜   she lowers them to reveal a coy smile, which grew larger as did her joy.   ❛ perhaps, we could continue these games again soon, ❜   she replies, regarding the woman as she departs. as her gaze lowers to the card resting between her fingertips, she chuckles softly before tucking it away safely in her cloak pocket.

He’s taken a liking to that distinguished old prime despite the oddity that was their first meeting. 

Perhaps he should invite them out for dinner and drinks one evening…


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“You’re going to be fine. I promise.” Yuuumaaaa

@sacredxdestiny || Injuries Starter }

Increíble, sigues aquí… ¿No te dije acaso… q-que te fueras? —  Jadeante buscó enfocar con su mirada al dueño de esa cálida voz que resonaba de forma familiar en sus oídos. Por supuesto que las cosas llegarían un día a ese punto, en que su consciencia quedaría nublada por sus deseos de corromper su entorno… en que solamente su existencia estuviera en ese mundo para matar a otros. 

En parte se alegró porque fueran unos aplicados exorcistas los que le hubieran puesto fin a su sed de destrucción, pero por otro no le hacía ninguna gracia que ahora en calidad de despojo humano, estuviera agonizando en un charco de su propia sangre apoyando su cabeza en el tibio regazo del Kirin. 

Estaba muriendo, lentamente. ¿Cuándo habría imaginado que sería de esa manera?

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violent breakdown meme

he’s screaming. it’s not even words, just the sound as the chair bounces off the wall in pieces. the wooden table is next, which is no match for sam’s strength. it bashes against the wall as well, splitting and collapsing just like the chair. a section of the cabinets had already been ripped from their wall anchors, and sam turns to the figure that’s disrupting him. “W H A T.” he barks, before recognizing the figure before him. “oh, sorry ed. i’m kind of in the middle of a crisis. catch up later?” and there’s now a foot inside of a bottom cabinet, which sam promptly rips from its hinges.


Billie Eilish - wish you were gay (Zopke Remix)[3D Sound]

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❝ A little torture wasn’t gonna break me. ❞

injustice 2 sentence starters

there’s something off about dean. he’s so nonchalant with the way he’s speaking about hell, like it didn’t even bother him. but it bothered sam immensely. he nods a little, staring at dean like he’s a ghost. “are you sure you’re alright, man? like, really?”


This is a whole experience