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Guess who decided to “cosplay” Rachel Bolan ( failing)?

Happy Birthday, Stevie ! (Fanfiction)

A/N: I decided to wrote a really bad fic for Steven’s birthday, because he deserves the world and all the good things. Also no ships, just bandmates being friends.

Duff was pacing nervously, mumbling quietly under his breath.

“Hey Duff why the hell are you worried? We have all the food and the decorations set up. He’ll love those children’s stuff!” Slash said calmly.

“It’s not about that. I wanted to buy those new drumsticks, damn!” He replied angrily.

“Yeah but we can’t afford them. We already talked about that, so stop pacing! He’ll like the surprise party enough.” Izzy added, rolling his eyes.

Suddenly the front door swung open and Axl appeared, his forehead plastered of sweat.

“ I found the money!” He said proudly, waving some bills.

“I’m almost scared to ask where did you found them.” Izzy said unsure.

“Did you get them the Izzy’s way?” Slash said smirking, and the other guitarist punched him in the shoulder.

“Who cares how did he get it! Thank you so much Ax, we own you!” Duff grabbed the money, then he bolted towards the door, and slammed it, a huge smile still plastered on his face.

“For real man, how did you get it?” Slash asked curious.

“I sold my ring.” The redhead whispered, looking down.

“The golden one? But you loved it!” Izzy stated surprised.

“No shit Sherlock! But what was I supposed to do? Let him not having a birthday gift? He had a rough period, he deserved it!”

Slash smiled sweetly then he went to hug Axl. The singer tensed up, then he left himself go.

“You have an heart, after all!” The curly man said, then he started to put the decorations on.

Izzy started sorting all their alcoholic bottles, while Axl finished decorating the little cupcakes they brought to replace the cake.

The door swung open for the second time that day, and a breathless Duff came in.

“Steven found me in the music shop and he asked for a lift. Then he found a puppy and he started to play with it. We have five minutes to set everything!!!”

The boys quickly moved the things in their places, then they turned off the light.

“Hey Duffy, you left me standing there! No cool man!” Steven said innocently as soon as he entered in the house.

“Happy birthday Stevie !” The boys screamed, as Izzy turned on the light.

The drummer started to smile widely, then he looked at all the sets up and a surprised expression appeared on his face.

“Thank you so much guys! It’s amazing!” He said happily, then he hugged every of his friend (Izzy tensed up a bit, but he appreciated it).

“We have another surprise for you!” Duff shouted happily, handing him his present.

As soon as he saw the drumsticks, the blond started to tearing up.

“S-Stevie, are you crying?” Axl asked confused.

“T-They are happy tears! You guys must have spent a lot for me!”

“Nah, you totally deserve it man” Slash said, patting his back.

Steven hugged them all, again. After he blew his candle, they all sat on the beat-up couch, eating their cupcakes and joking like idiots.

Steven looked at this friend and started smiling again, ‘cause he knew that this would have been one of his best birthdays.

❤my journey: The Pain

Tonight, again, it’s the fucking pain.

My body just hurts sooo much. Every single part of it.

I know I should go to the doctor again, to give him an update on my medication. But I truthfully don’t WANT anything else. I am SOOO tired of medications and side effects. 🤦‍♀️I just want to learn how to breathe and focus through this pain.

I KNEW this was coming… this morning my fibro-fog was so bad. I had so much work on my desk and I couldn’t get any ONE thing completed…. my focus was so INSANELY off🤦‍♀️ like HOLY.FUCK.

So I had to go take a minute outside and allow the cold air to wake me up 🌬 when I got back to my desk, I put on my headphones and drown myself in good music and I was FINALLY able to work…

Sadly, it was short-lived… I worked til 5pm and by the time I pulled in the parking lot at home, I felt so exhausted all I could do is come home and fall onto Sean’s lap … he knew I just needed to rest a moment so he held me…

Now, now I lie on the floor in pain. He hates to see me like this… I am trying not to let him see me hurt but I can’t. I can’t be dishonest with him…

This pain… this is too much tonight. Too much to hide from him…. 💔