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NSW we are coming.. Rewind 80’s Party.. Anita’s Theatre- Thirroul NSW. Saturday 7th December tickets go on pre sale - Monday 24th June 2019... #madonna#pubchoir#cyndilauperstyle

Happy to all the Dads from your friends at Dallas County Extension. Here is a photo of Kali, our Office Assistant and her . What are some of your favorite memories with your Dad?

80s MOVIE CHARACTER of the Day: Alexandra “Alex” Owens (Flashdance) 1983 Played by Jennifer Beals, this 18 Year Old Welder from Pittsburgh, PA debuts as a Nightclub Dancer but dreams of becoming so much more. Does she?

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: lang voor kon ik me al prima vermaken met deze simpele managementgame, ook bekend als . Een mooi voorbeeld van hoe in de uit huisvlijt geboren projecten via budgettapes een groot publiek vonden. 7.0 uit 10

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A series of drawings on Star Fox, re-imagined as a story of Police detectives set in the late 80′s.

Fox McCloud is a detective, well-known in the district of Corneria for his driving skills. After he found a lead on the mystery of his father’s death, his team gets involved in a cat-and-mouse game against the violent biker gang Star Wolf while another, bigger threat puts the entire city of Lylat at risk.

This started as a simple idea for a single drawing, but I was having so much fun with the idea I felt like doing multiple scenes. The end result is a total of 7 drawings (not including this poster) that I’ll be posting daily. Please look forward to it!


Jim McMahon’s definition of outrageousness.