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にて出品中です⇨ ¥29000~

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// "Olur Olmaz Şarkılar" Popüler Müzik Koromuzun Güvenç Birer yönetiminde vereceği temalı bu eğlenceli ve nostaljik konserine lıların yanı sıra bütün lileri davet ediyoruz. – at İzma Müzik Yapım & Organizasyon

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Many of the actors who portrayed musicians in this were required to write their own songs -

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cute john deacon b&w pictures [part 1]

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as soon as her father kicked her out of the house, marley made her way to the only place she could think of staying: the ember motel. it’s also all she could afford. a bit run down, but it’ll do until she can figure out a… nicer living situation. she definitely has a couple things in mind. but first, a good night’s rest.

hi first of all i’m so happy with how this turned out, the colors are just <333 i hope you guys like it too. also thanks to the cc creators that made these screenies so pretty !!! don’t forget to click for hq

September 1975. John Reed threw a huge party at the London Coliseum to celebrate his Alliance with Queen, and during the party, the band received several silver and gold discs following the sales of Killer Queen single and all three albums: Sheer Heart Attack, Queen II and Queen. And yet, as write Jackie Gunn and Jim Jenkins in the biography of the group As It Began, the Queen received a rather unexpected award of the Carl Allen Awards for outstanding contribution to the dance industry.