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DoCoMo Claims It Can Smash the Glass Barrier - NTT DoCoMo is claiming a solution for one of the big problems that faces millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G -- transmitting the high-band signal through treated low-emissivity (low-E) glass.

"Η ετοιμότητα της Ελλάδας στην κούρσα για το ". Διαβάστε το εκτενές άρθρο του Β. Καρέλη, Consulting Senior Manager (Network Services) της εταιρείας μας στο τελευταίο τεύχος του περιοδικού Infocom.

New record for speed: Together with TIM and , we've successfully completed Europe’s first connection overcoming the 2 Gbps speed barrier on a 5G live commercial network. Learn more!

Doing some research for my term paper about 5G and found this interactive map. It's very interesting that 5G is available in many more places as in the countries around us. In Germany and Austria are only a few antennas in France none.

Gulf Industry is the Media Partner of . The biggest and the most awaited event is organized by sponsored by 8-10 March 2020 .0

We surveyed 1,100 enterprises in 9 different countries and came up with 1 conclusion: They are all looking for a digitalization partner! Let's show them the real potential of in 's latest report:

and will be at the heart of industry digital transformation process. Please join Krishna Chinta at Session to exchange views on and developments. Register Now IDC MEA

Flavours of India. And some broadband pricing..Aprox 12 USD for 150 mbps and 8 USD for 60 mbps. 5G FWA must be an interesting option for WISP.

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The time is coming for us to ride the wind and waves, when all the loyal generals and talents are around. LifeSmart’s Annual Meeting

⭕️ As is rising, we need to discuss on its . Good blog post to start into the topic by Bruce Schneier

It would be nice if the new Mi 10 became the cheapest smartphone with a SoC and a camera.

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Finding more and more on network in South Florida. The app is working GREAT! Love seeing this Purple!

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DC Comics are Idol Culture.

You’re new, you’re black (or insert any relevant race, culture, and sexuality here), we see that you can sell high, there’s a writer that wants to promote you, we’ll promote you.

Once there’s a different writer with a new idea though, we’ll promote that one, controversy doesn’t matter coz controversy brings people attention and curious people will make money for us.

You, former attention grabber, can go over there with whichever writer you like. If you can bring attention again we’ll bring you back but for now bye. We don’t care

Mainly DC Comics but Marvel can apply as well

Damian Wayne was created to be Son of Batman and divorce metaphor

He was killed by his creator but was not to be revived because Star Writer Snyder introduces the idea of Black Robin in his AU

But WB wants to still Son of Batman so he’s resurrected

Then Jurgens was reviving Superman by introducing Jon and Super Dad concept

DC decides to sell both as Super Sons

Watch out here comes Star Writer Bendis

Super Sons are out, Young Justice is in

Jurgens is dumped to Nightwing and Tomasi to Detective Comics, those  titles that can sell middle-high simply because of the characters alone but don’t need much effort

What is Damian now that WB’s done with Son of Batman promotion? Back to Demon Child status quo

HEY! 5G’s starting! Look at this new Black Batman and Grown Up Superman Super Son!

…Previously, on, DC Idol Culture:

(Re) Introducing Batwoman! Bat Lesbian! What? The series doesn’t sell and canceled? Dump her with Gotham Monsters

…Going back further.

Introducing Jason Todd! New Robin! What? Too Similar to Dick?

Introducing Jason Todd! Street Alley Robin! What? Too different than Dick and Dark solitary Batman is popular because of TDKR, Year One, TKJ and Batman 1989? Kill him.

What? WB still wants to promote Robin? Introducing Tim Drake! The perfect Robin!

Don’t get too close to Batman though. He needs to be broody. Broody Batman comic and movie sell. Broody Batman is our Idol.

All is well

Hey, there are these new guys called Didio, Johns, and Morrison…


Download speeds are not worth the damage being done to the environment of life on this planet. Our world is our divine womb. Treat it with greater respect and love and kindness.


Huawei investments in Research equals to 60% of world’s amount. Is there any vulnerability? If the problem is that behind the 5G there is the state, alias for China, also Internet born thanks to the Pentagon.

Vincenzo Petrone, Fondazione Italia - Cina, La Stampa


Fighting 5G: “Notice of Liability” #1 is filed ✅

Huawei’s latest US headache: Senate bill would spend US$1 billion on developing a 5G competitor

- ‘We cannot allow Chinese state-directed telecommunications companies to surpass American competitors,’ says sponsor Senator Marco Rubio

 - The bill is introduced a day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells Silicon Valley group China ‘presents unique challenges, especially to your industry’

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