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Check it out! Polaroid App's "Edit photo" screen was created to be fun as well as understandable. Also, amazing stickers are available to be used in order to enliven photos and make them look more fancy🤩 Here they are!

Many words have already been said about Pillo, so now we just want to share some icons created for Pillo Health App — check the full case out🧐 link above👆

We love what we're doing! And especially these illustrations for Polaroid Snap Touch camera — they were created to make the environment more friendly and immerse people into the process. Also, they're fun! Check out the full case here:

Another medal by : we've been honored for the interface design of Kelvi, an innovational therapeutic device. Thank you! There's no better reward than receiving positive reviews! Check out the link to see the full case:

The gadgets from CES 2019 preview are something amazing! Pillo is also among these, which makes us feel proud of the work we've done to create his personality. Check it out!

During this wonderful time of the year, let us all slow down and enjoy simple things. May the holidays be joyfull for you, and the upcoming year be exciting and fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Check out one of our latest projects — interface design for Kelvi, a totally innovative therapeutic device! The full case is now on — we're looking forward to hearing your impressions!

Our team is constantly developing, so we keep our projects up-to-date and find new decisions for creating the most user-friendly environment. Meet Pillo healthcare app redesign — new shape, updated functionality, same care and attention 🎉😀🥳

We're excited to design for such an amazing project as DeliTreat!

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