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I added the thinnest details, which means I’m finally done with the brush! 🎉 I haven’t sorted out the orange glass thing yet, but I’ll figure it out at some point. Next thing is to glue and varnish 😁

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Future Video PAINTING BABY GROOT! I’ll be painting this little guy for which was done with wood filament. Sadly not printed on Watch the print

Hello :) I am doing a community print contest. Share your favorite model below or on my orher channels and win ;)

Andrew (5): I designed this 3D vase in Sketchup and enhanced it by adding backgrounds and effects in Photoshop.🇨🇦😃🤩

First play with a in collaboration with - the detail here is amazing. We already have plans for alternative models using different dissecting planes... you might like this ❤️

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Pour un premier essai en PEHD recyclé.....Après léger ponçage et retrait des supports.

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Alessia (5): I designed this 3D vase in Sketchup and enhanced it by adding backgrounds and effects in Photoshop.

Our MD, Justin Pringle, recently took a 2-day masterclass course on the subject of 3D printing with metals. As a service provider of 3D Printing that doesn't have a metal 3D printing system, why did he go?

The ripper, perfect for those pesky raiders or feral dogs. This was a pain in the arse to model as the mechanism looks great but cannot work with how compact it is. Anyway, The model for is available on my link in my bio.

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Non je n'ai pas arrêté ma passion

Je suis en pause besoin de me ressourcer

Mais je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de faire une petite commande de filament chez Grossiste 3D pour essayer le P.E.T.G, filament thermosensible et glossy noire … bientôt je recommence à imprimer …je vous montrerai le résultat…


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