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Made a cute little earlier to test out the new template I made and it's definitely going to help me crank things out faster! 🍙

Made myself this really cute and helpful template for keeping the UI icons consistent for this project. I like writing instructions almost as much as making art. 😂

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This was ment for hobi's bday I wasn't able to finish this yesterday so here ya go HAPPY BDAY TO MAH BOI HOBBIIIIII uwu

Dark mage - First character concept for this year! Hope you like it. Accepting commissions! Email me at or DM me for inquiries!

Something different this time - just a witch from the temporary adjourned game.

Not sure what motivated me to make the first set of food items be the ingredients for strawberry shortcake, I'm not even a huge strawberry person. Maybe pizza next. 🍕

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“So Close, Too Close I” by Ted Basdevant.

White and gold ink on black A4, 2019.

A while back as a little exercise, I made this little RPG character generator! Each generated guy is a combination of random names, stats, personality and hair, facial features and clothes combinations! Not sure if I’ll ever do anything with it, but it was fun to make nonetheless!

I’m trying to get into making art more regulary. I made a new instagram called #theelloeffect check it out ❤ #drawthisinyourstyle #artist #2dart #2dartist #artistoninsta #ellosart2019 #characterart #backnyellow #swag #fresh #ootd #bumblebee #digitalartbyello #digitalart #character #cutegirl #athletic #yellowmakesmehappy #practisemakesperfect #art #artwithello


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Hey ya’ll! I just caught up on my commission queue– so I figured it’s time to get some more! Let me draw you a picture, let’s do this!


E-mail me at if you are interested in a commission.


  • $30 - Sketch
  • $40 - Colored Sketch


  • $40 - Sketch
  • $50 - Colored Sketch

👉 Character ref sheets start at $80 and include front/back views with eye close-up and name/info.


Something you want that you don’t see here? Just ask! I’ll most likely be able to make it for you! These prices are just for the very basic stuff and can be customized to your liking.


Do extra characters cost more?

Yes, each extra character beyond the first costs $10.

How much are backgrounds?

Simple backgrounds, like a sky, bed sheets, or a patterned background are free! Anything that requires a specific scene, say something like, “it’s in a park” or “it’s in a castle” or some sort of room are extra and are $5-20 extra dollars depending on complexity.

Anything you won’t draw?

I won’t draw scat, mutilation (blood is ok, and soft gore is too), ANYTHING non-consensual, anyone under the age of 18, vore, transformation sequences and others depending– but I’m pretty flexible and open to other kinds of stuff! Feel free to ask me!

What are things you love to draw?

I love drawing OCs (yours and mine)! I also love drawing monster girls and boys. And tentacle porn! I also love drawing Zoro and Sanji! I also like foot fetish stuff as well as micro fetish stuff.


I only accept Paypal at this time. (Unfortunately.)

If you have trouble with Paypal just send me a note and I’ll gladly help out, it’s easier than you think!

I accept all payment up front, but receiving a very rough sketch first can be negotiated.

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!