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Birthday girl🎂 Fun fact: as many other things in Little Misfortune, this picture is based off reality. It's inspired from a real photo from little Natalia's birthday party! ✨

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Hey, my name is Marcel Hampel. I´m a game- and concept artist with a love for stylized and semi-realistic art. If you like, follow me here on these links for more:

fan trying to make his own . 🤣 Green . 2 length options: full and short (Wakizashi length for close quarters). And a lock button to avoid potential accidents.

Another attempt at becoming my own 2D artist for my video games. This time I tried copying 's chubby lad (well...after he lost some weight) using only 's pen tool

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Here are the first ideas about the acceleration ship. Which one is your favourite ? Tell us in the comments.

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ok guys if yall are having a bad day or night here is a lil animated dog i found in my folder that i did few years back for school. i hope it can make yall feel a bit better 💕 #animation #dog #animateddog #animatedanimal #2d #2dart #2danimation #2ddrawing

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A bit of an angry fighter 🥊 First time using Autodesk Sketchbook. Since I’m not familiarized with it whatsoever, I decided to do a quick drawing. The style kind of reminds me of the pictures on WikiHow 😂 what do you think?

How often do you think of some statement or opinion and then immediately after that think of the exact opposite? I have this constant struggle all the f-ing time. And the older I get the more I get certain that I don’t know SHIT. And now I’m at a crossroads and have no idea what path to choose. Send HALP