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2019 COHIM International Floral Design Trend• Master Forum is aiming to deliver the most up to date trend analysis, provide start- up support and crossover communication opportunities!

Who doesn't love the classic Danish banana sofa? Curves are predicted to be a 2019 interior trend! One of these would definitely coincide well! |

With people spending 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video compared to pre-recorded videos, it looks to be the trend of 2019 and a game-changer for Marketers. |

One of Latin America's most prestigious rums, hailing from Nicaragua’s largest rum distillers, Flor da Cana is smooth and enticing with notes of butterscotch, almond butter and dried figs. Give it a whirl at our stand.

If a thought of a smooth and golden Venezuelan rum appeals to you, then visit us at to sample Pampero Anniversario, a tipple set to make waves in 2019.

From the heart of Cumbria, comes a luxury whisky that captures the heart of the Lake District. Officially launching later this year, come and get a sneak peak of this svelte new whisky with us at

This is a malt whiskey that's proud of its New World provenance. Made using Australian malted barley and aged in Australian fortified wine casks. Rich and sweet, with a spicy finish.

Sugar, spice and all things nice. The first whisky ever distilled in the Cotswolds uses 100% locally grown, floor-malted barley, delivering a rich, fruity and sippable spirit. Come and taste with us on D20

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