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i guess I kind of inspired myself to be a Dm?

I don't have many pictures from when I was younger but I do have this

2009年は高校生で、魔法ごっこや、カエルを観察や、ハンカチ落としや、陸上水泳をしていました。今はツイッターにハマっています😸I was a high school student in 2009. I pretend to magic, watched frogs, played Duck Duck Goose, and swam on land. I'm hooked on twitter in 2019.

another post,,, i had to look thru some boxes in my closet to find the oldie huehue

Taking the to a whole new level. Recreated my hair, make up, outfit and confidence from a decade ago 😱I think I did a pretty good job lol — Watch the full transformation on youtube! Link on my bio. —

Done did the challenge thing, didn’t I? So: 2009 vs. 2019. a.k.a. Me at 15 vs. Me at 25. 😳

Me 10 years ago when I used to be a lvl 1 crook. This was taken when I started training under my lvl 100 boss.

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I need to find better pics for this, but 2009 is impossible since I hated taking photos. I also don’t usually let people take my pic even now (*´ー`*) so selfies for now! I feel old af

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2009 vs 2019

he was probably an oc chaotic creature lmao

2009 vs 2019 art version!

2009 was a super nostalgic year for me in that it was the start of creative expression in the form of makeup/clothes and also the year I really started drawing consistently (and also the year I got a tablet)

I’ve taken a lot of breaks with drawing since finishing high school (2012) so that definitely hindered my process but it’s fun to look at nonetheless!


Here’s my 2009vs2019

Context: The first one is me at a Quinces party (known as Quinceañera in English speaking countries for some reason even if the quinceañera is the girl who turned 15, not the party itself) and a friend tried to take a fun picture with me but I couldn’t be bothered.

The second is me with my dog, trying to take a cute picture with her but she couldn’t be bothered.

I’ve become paler it seems? And no, sadly my eyes didn’t get fixed, I just learnt to use contact lenses instead of glasses which still are a blessing anyway. Beyond that I honestly don’t notice much different which I don’t know if it’s good or bad? But it’s interesting


There’s a thing people are doing which is the 10 years challenge, or the 2009 vs 2019 challenge, where you post a picture of yourself from 2009 and compare it to a picture of yourself from this year.

I unfortunately cannot do this challenge, after some personal family problems, i do not have access to pictures of me from 10 years ago, or any year close to that.

So i did an art version, found a drawing i did a Sonia the hedgehog from sonic underground in 2009, and i redrew the same character today


2009 vs 2019 meme, I found the picture on the left yesterday and decided to recreate it, tho I had no nutella at hand sadly

september 2009 was the start of high school for me, this was taken in november I think, so I had just turned 15

ten years later I’m still in school and still wearing black nailpolish like it’s cool

braces did a veeeery good job, I had to keep them 2 years and I suffered a lot but wow


I wanted to do this 2009 vs 2019 me… but… mh… I seriously don’t have any photo of me in 2009? And this is the only one and is from the summer of 2008? More or less?

Anyway I’m still disgusting. 🤢🤢🤢