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Happy ! Attorneys Ryan Shpritz and Diane Silverberg were kicking back after a busy afternoon of cooking at the 2009 attorney retreat.

A veces me siento muy mal con las cosas que hago: que he avanzado poco, que ya debería tener un nivel bien pesado de arte, etc. Pero como sea se avanza 💕 No tengo manera de hacer el de arte, porque no tengo más de 6 años dibujando en serio, pero este es el 2013vs2019

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Forget the The first pic was from 1976 the last was 2018. I’ve changed a lot in 1976 I was a chubby 8 year old. In 1984 I was 16, in Jr. ROTC at Junction City High School. I look a lot less chubby because I was about 140-150#. In 1986 I was l…

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Ten years ago, only a handful of African countries were in the Programme for International Drug Monitoring, and now look at that – we're covering most of the continent! 🌍 Learn more about the members:

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J'ai retrouvé récemment un OC Sonic que j'avais inventé quand j'avais environs 8-9 ans. Du coup j'ai voulu en faire un redraw/redesign pour m'amuser ~・゚✧ C'est pas vraiment un mais un du coup (6H6

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omg wait (yes that is ABSOLUTELY hannah montana on my necklace)

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Oh shiz I found photo from 2009, thats weird why do I keep this photo? Hmmmm..aside from hair, do I even age???? 🤔🤔🤔

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Em 2009 pedir gás era complicado. Agora o App SOLICITEGÁS simplifica tudo e hoje é super fácil, rapido e seguro pedir um gás ou água em Juiz de Fora com toda comodidade. Baixe o App SOLICITEGÁS e veja a diferença 😁😁😁

I'm absurdly late to the bandwagon as usual! Uhhh technically this is 2010...I COULDN'T FIND AN OLDER DATED DRAWING...IM SORRY

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It’s challenge time 😘☺️😋
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Time travel

You have a time machine that allows you to go back exactly 10 years from the year you use it. You use it in 2019 and go back to the year 2009.

What do you tell yourself and what predictions about pop culture at large would you tell your old self?

Me, tell my 8 year old ass that lady Gaga wins an oscar and Eagles win the 2018 Super Bowl.

2009 vs 2019 - art edition~

(My digital painting skills are hella rusty but let’s ignore that)
Been wanting to do one of these art improvement challenges for a while and figured now’s as good a time as any.
A character of mine from 2009, Devin Gray a.k.a. “The Prince of Ravens”. He’s definitely an accurate representation of the angsty edgelord I was, haha

I think doing these kind of challenges is the best way to better your artistic morale. Some days I really feel like I’m artistically stagnant and that I’m not improving at all, so doing this really boosted my self-confidence, even when I was just starting on the drawing I thought; “wow I guess I don’t suck”. That isn’t to say that now I feel like this is the best I can do - far from it, I know I need to improve on some areas. Hell, I prefaced this whole thing with pointing out how my digital painting skills need some work lmao

These challenges are also important to show others that everyone starts somewhere and people are seldom just “talented”, it’s really all about practice and how much work you put in to improve.
Not to sound ungrateful, but it really does bug me when people say things like “you’re so talented!”, “I wish I was as talented as you!” and the classic; “I can only draw stick figures”. These kind of praises not only dismiss any hard work artists put into their craft, but also set a precedent that being good at art is something that you either have or you don’t. And that’s simply not true, anyone can get good.
The main thing these two pieces have in common is: 1. how proud I was of the piece at the time, and 2. people called me “talented” at both of these points of my life.

I’m gonna keep saying it; practice makes better. There’s no such thing as perfection, because artists (even the great ones) are always finding ways to improve. So keep practicing and thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

(Also two different mediums because I actually didn’t start doing digital art seriously until 2010)

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What do we see by flockaman!!
He persisted in the desert storms and sandy winds without an assurance of water, for faith in itself is of value!!
#mancity (at Nairobi, Kenya)

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💀✏SK8TERBOI Time Lapse Process (1 min), music included🎵|

. . I also took the op to film me drawing the 2019 redo of my skaterboi and cat girl sketchie from 10 years ago.

I’m uploading a longer version on Youtube later (spoiler alert), BUT…until then, here’s a quick n’ dirty version I put together.

The cat girl chibi face comin’ up next!

Also, the music totally reminds me of Super Monkey Ball 2, which is an uber nostalgic thing to me.

Anyone else who comes across this get that vibe? 😶

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