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Cobra (1986). dir. George P. Cosmatos

Melly’s 19haties track this week is Dancing in Heaven by Q-Feel. Which film is it from. Txt 07925 574 386 with the answer, your name & location

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The ORIGINAL Twigbee would like both a word as well as respect on their name. 🐻

Pizza Hut isn't really interested in "special requests" over 15 characters. I can't argue. It's not like 240 characters would make the food palatable. Remember when tha Hoot was a place your went with your parents to play Pac Man?

"Any Special Requests" is 6 more characters than PH gives your for your request.

ATW 80s Movies Podcast pulls out 1988's THE NAKED GUN, starring Enrico Palazzo! Er, I mean, Leslie Nielsen! It's nicer than a stuffed beaver. Lesson learned: Eating a spoonful of Drano will clean you out, but leave you hollow inside

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Dep - 1987


The first time I heard of Andy Warhol was in 1984. My grandfather had taped DONALD DUCK’S 50TH BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, and there he was—a strange, otherworldly sight among the other celebrity appearances (Henry Winkler, C-3PO and R2-D2, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, John Ritter and others). When Warhol appears in the special, he’s working on a Donald Duck painting, and the voice-over says, “We visited renowned artist Andy Warhol in his New York studio…”, and the music changes to this sentimental, almost melancholic melody. For some reason that struck me as a kid. This artistic alien, the schmaltzy music. Like the other stars, he says a few words about Donald Duck, but he’s awkward, unlike the others he doesn’t sound natural or at ease in front of the camera. I always remembered that bit.

Years later, in the late 1990s, my mother read the Warhol biography by Victor Bockris, which I then borrowed, and ever since I’m a fan. But it started with this brief glimpse—with Donald Duck.


A Christmas Carol (1984): Marley’s Ghost