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I've just watched episode S02E13 of Friends! 2 months 19 days 15 hours

: In Turin It will be a Battle. 🔥 I understand many of you don't wanna see these types of tweets right now and I don't know how much/far we could improve within 19 days. But as long as Ronaldo breathes, it's FinoAllaFine.

Thank you very much for showing a part of VCR…like a trailer, isn't it? As usual, the director has done a great job! I can't wait for watching it on a big screen in Tokyo next month…19 days to go…🥀

19 days until I get to squish my face into ’s face again

We remove its been 19 days, admin is sleeping!! our each second counts here! we should avoid sleeping admins..

19 days late (since feb 1st was a boring day for me) but here is my ! (1/2)

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so..19 days for a magazine to make it from Kentucky to Kildare...not a thoroughbred service 😆

NBA draft scouting - Top two international prospects for 2019 - ESPN - - Feb 19, 2019Mike SchmitzESPN Mike Schmitz spent 19 days in Europe evaluating NBA draft prospects in Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, Denmark and Mo...

thank you for 50+ kudos on "from my heart to yours"!! i'm glad yall liked the soriku 💙

Birthday treats 19 days after my actual birthday. Those flowers though.

[COMMISSIONS POST] I made a new commissions sheet! RTs are appreciated, and feel free to send me a DM if you're interested. Thanks for your support! my writing samples: things that I can write for: my ko-fi:

25. And a final thought/issue: The FBI's Ethics & Integrity Policy Guide has a note saying it was revised 2/19/16, 19 days after took over Hillary email probe. But the revision isn't noted in History section. What was revised & was it to cover up/allow McCabe to run it?

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Writer Problems #2102

Others, writing: I back up and he’s right there – all six foot two of him. Crowding me with his grizzly-bear size, and grizzly-bear strength, and – no, he doesn’t quite smell like a grizzly bear. Sure, he’s got that fresh, earthy scent going, but he’s been helping out at his dad’s auto shop and smells like motor oil, hot metal and a hard day’s work. If the stars would just fucking align, I bet he would ride me just as hard. Almost toppling over, I grunt as he pushes into me. Except it’s less of a grunt and more of a groan because he’s pressing against me in all the right places. His chest is all built and buff, but not in the kind of way guys get because they’re pumping iron or popping pills; when he’s not looking under a hood, he’s hefting concrete at the construction site two blocks over. His breath is hot and heavy against my ear and I wish it wasn’t just because I’m light on my feet and a decent shot.

Next thing I know, the ball isn’t in my hands and he isn’t at my back. Instead, he’s charging towards the hoop, only it’s more of a prowl, and when he jumps, it’s a pounce. As he dunks the ball, he almost takes the basket down with him. He walks up to me after, with the kind of grin on his face that often features in my R-rated dreams, and he ruffles my hair with his bear-paw.

“Get your head in the game,” he growls.

My head is in the game. We’re just gunning for different goals.

Me, writing: We play some streetball and I pop a boner. Fuck.

Mo Guan Shan is showing vulnerability here

I mean we all got a little too excited over Momo’s butt (it’s damn fine peach). But! I think we are missing something truly important. Guan Shan is laying there CALMLY with his back turned to He Tian. He is EXPOSING HIS BACK and he’s not freaking out about it. That’s equivalent of being vulnerable. For Momo to be like that in front of someone like He Tian speaks about him being a lot more comfortable with him than he used to be.

Compare, chapter 201

He is a tad bit tense, but he lets He Tian touch him, rub some fuckin’ weird stuff on him, and he’s not showing glaring signs of utter discomfort like he would have normally shown. At most he is thinking “This whole scenario is weird…”. That is until He Tian goes for his bubble, but that’s another story. 

Resumen del capítulo de hoy


Peeero pasando a otras cosas…Se dan cuante de que Xixi es una cosita tan pura y casta que ni hasta la misma Old Xian se atreve a profanarlo?!!

Es decir, solo miren el tamaño de esta censura

Además de que todos sabemos que el hecho de que no se le vean las pompis es porque Xixi seme (,,ò᎑ó,,)و

Pero en serio, solo vean su carita de niño bueno:

Es hermoso *3*


a funny i drew on mo awhile ago but wasn’t gonna post it…until i went thru my photos and laughed haha had to post it!


Kinda lame but here it is

It isn’t “Don’t Close Moutian” anymore, more like “Don’t Close MountainS” ….> i’ll leave, ino that was lame😖😖😖<

Zhan Xixi and Jian Yi are the cutest ship ever to sail the Yaoi Seas! Jian Yi with a mini bun should not be ignored! They are most defiantly making process (well, Xixi is by allowing his BFF to touch him from the back…he is slick like MGS but less uno -an angry 🍅). Don’t you just love how focus Jian Yi is, he’s like *Imma give him a massage but very subtly imma touch DAT ASS*😎😎😎

Now, Tianshan, Old Xian wild😉😉 - she is slaying my soul. MGS’s shield is the ultimate down and he isn’t nervously blushing from the touching…a very cool, calm, and collected 🍅 until He Tian dragged down them draws and saw DAT ASS!

*pretty odd a 🍅 packing a 🍑, a phat 🍑indeed)

The message in this chapter is to trick your SO into getting a one-on-one massage section with you before indicating your intention of grabbing

DAT 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑!!!!