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Our 19 days of Christmas giveaways (why 19? because its 1 more than 18) continues tonight with The Greater Good - This game boasts an impressive art direction and engaging soundtrack, good luck in the tonight. ^_^ See yall in stream!

15 Days until Christmas and 19 Days until Go-live with Dallas Housing Authority (Optimizing HCV Inspections).

can we get a F in the chat for my Punisher cup? thanks

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eu esperando qualquer vestígio de um suposto especial de natal de 19 days antes da old pegar as férias mais que bem merecida dela

19 Days latest chapter got me shookt bc the last page is similar to my button pin designs last AI Expo!! omfg like wow

chan cried during the vlive and you had no idea how much my heart ache,,,, they work so hard to make their dreams a reality 😭😭😭😭😭😭

He’s the Double record holder for the fastest combined time of the 2016 & the , which he ran just 19 days apart. Yup, we’re talkin’ bout . Come to Berkeley 12/18 for a Q&A & prize giveaway. Details here 👉

this encompasses my mood and i wanna draw clint As This

19 days, 17 shows, 5096 Miles travelled. Its been possibly the funnest tour I've been on but also one of the harder ones. I've laughed until my sides have hurt, had extremely awkward conversations with police, badly bartended a german party, had the scar…

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Salamat sa 19 days ng nakakapagod pero masayang work immersion, Batasang Panlalawigan 💖

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adoro seus surtos de 19 days, como eu n consigo ler mais, me atualizo por aqui

[19 days spoilers] my heart just melted aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Let’s get to work!

I’ve decided to write tons of TianShan OneShots till the 17th comes. (considering work of course!) That said, I need your help! Throw ideas, suggestions, headcanons, whatever I can use to write something good! Of course they will be extremely short stories, so that I can write as much oneshots as possible! They can have whatever theme you want, even be with different pairing that TianShan! A gift to all of you who follow me and my blog itself!

19 Days Fandom, I have a question

He Cheng works for Jian Yi’s dad, and I think we can safely say that He Cheng and He Tian dad may also be part of the gangster thing that’s going on… so does that mean He Cheng has gone against his dad or could it be that Jian Yi and He Tina’s fathers work together? What do you guys think?

My calendar collection for this year. Let’s See how the Print will Turn Out 🤔