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you’re pregnant 1. your last saved pic is the dad 2. 3rd meme saved is their reaction 3. the 10th photo saved is the child I mean can we not

Imamoğlu, "they can not challenge me from over there; but here I challenge them. Let us repeat the elections for all 39 districts of Istanbul for district municipalities. In only 19 days of my services, each family has saved ₺540 monthly; what I wanted is to serve the people."

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__________~ 𝟙𝟠 𝕕𝕒𝕪𝕤 ~__________

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New publication‼️ Activity and Contents in (cv Cellina di Nardò) during and after , within 19 DAYs 🙌 in Special Issue: Antioxidant Activity of Extracts Please read it at

literally what the fuck is tales of the tmnt, this is a MESS

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To inform those students na nag request ng CTC ng first sem card nila. Ito yung ginawa nila. 1. Pinaphoto copy lang nila yung original copy na binigay mo sakanila then pinirmahan and tinatakan 2. Hindi na nila ibibigay yung original copy mo kahit umiyak kapa don. 19 days!!!

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is 19 days out! It's never too early to start handicapping the fights! Check out Loot Levinson's before placing your bets!

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Ok so Guan Shan figures out He Tian is saying ‘I Love You’ and I’m sure he became a blushing mess as usual (awwww). He Tian being direct and bold af about his feelings is a surprise to no one lmao. They’re so precious :’D

That cute drawn heart next to “Little Mo” is also killing me 😭

tedtimetravel  asked:

(Firstly, sorry about my English.)I saw someone saying that tianshian is toxic.  And I kind of agree with that.  Maybe it's just the HT's way, 'cause he acted like this with JY.   And even though Tianshian is my otp, I still think that He is a bit abusive, since he always uses a bit of violence for Mo to do something.  And as much as I wanted their kiss a lot, I still think pushing a kiss is wrong.  I would not like.  But I believe it is not something toxic in itself. +

Maybe Mo is still discovering his sexuality and so their relationship softens. And may He family have helped in the development of this bossy behavior. But comparing to the beginning, HT is much more “affectionate” now. I do not think it’s a relationship that is fluid, it’s a bit forced. But I really hope they can be a real couple in the future.

Hello there~ Don’t worry about your English, please.

I assume you mean the trollish ask submitted earlier? I just want to reiterate one thing: I’m absolutely chill with people liking characters or hating them – it matters not to me, everyone’s entitled to believe what they want. However, I fail to see the point of knocking in someone’s askbox just to send an obvious flamebait – I won’t change my opinion and nor would I heed to theirs, and going around trying to shove opinions down people’s throats via messages is a senseless waste of time and a plain cry for the attention. I’m not talking about your ask – just in general.

As for Tianshan being all-around toxic… well this maxim is getting old. I’ve talked so much about it, ad infinitum, to the point when I’m already tired of repeating myself and I suppose others are also tired of seeing it. Yes, there was a shade of toxicity at the beginning of the manhua – because OX intentionally created Tianshan to be a foil (something to compare and contrast) to Zhanyi. But saying that Tianshan continues to be toxic is like saying that XiXi still doesn’t return Jian Yi’s feelings. These two relationships represent different literary tropes – and thus different ideas. For Tianshan the main idea is about learning how to build a healthy bond, learning to come to terms with each other, learning to see past each other’s facades. They begin on bad terms specifically because their end goal is to build a normal bond.

There are flaws in their relationship. Certainly. Both He Tian and Mo Guan Shan are two broken kids with terrible experiences and little to no knowledge of healthy relationships. Do they have a reason to act as they do? Yes. Should we cut them some slack? Yes, – I don’t know if any of you here had experiences with either bullying or parental neglect (I certainly hope not) – but it’s not something that would magically heal itself within a course of two weeks. Does that mean that they shouldn’t be called out on some questionable things they do? Heck no. These two need to work on proper communication. These two need to learn to recognize and express their emotions properly. 

Their relationship did undergo quite a bit of change for the past 100 chapters. He Tian right now is not the same He Tian he used to be in the beginning, as you mentioned, he has mellowed out quite a bit. He’s learning. He’s listening. He’s taking baby steps to leave his forceful ways behind – and that’s commendable, especially for someone raised in a criminal underworld. Same deal with Mo, who’s been viewing the world through the prism of his terrible childhood experiences – and now he’s slowly beginning to realize that, maybe, just maybe, it’s not a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Whether Tianshan is canon is not even a question. It has been known from relatively early on (based on OX old sketches and illustrations), that these two would be the endgame. It’s a story of a slow burn. We are here for the moment of transformation, when something that was based on a joke (a kiss) grows into something that is based on support and desire to protect. 

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do you think ox will write a follow up of the 520 special next year, just like they did with the valentines special?

Hello ~

Nope, I honestly do not. Maybe it’s just me, but this issue seems like a stand-alone piece, just like some early Single’s Day special and the Alipay special and some other. Just a hunch though. It seemed far too short to warrant any special continuation 🤔. But, who knows. 

Re: 19 Days Drabble Requests

Hey, lovelies! 💋

I’ve had a huge influx of requests over the last few days - thank you! Sadly, though, this means that I am now going to have to turn down any requests sent on anon. If you’ve already sent me something anonymously, I will respond over the next few days. However, can I ask that any requests sent from here on out are done off anon. I value your privacy and I can keep your url hidden from the public domain (you only need to stipulate this when you hit me up). I’m sorry if this puts a spanner in the works for anyone; I’ve had to make this difficult decision not only because of the sheer number of requests but also because I can’t tell if they’ve all been sent by the same person 😂

Feel free to send any and all other asks with or without your anon shades on.




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What will be the Guanshan's answer while texting Tian? And how is gonna show Zhengxi his love for Yi? I want to know what's your theory, big sis?

Hellooo 💖! Oi, please don’t call me big sis, it’s just a bit weird to hear on tumblr 🤭

Ever since I saw @call-me-ala​ post that super-freakin-genius comic, I can’t help but think it would go exactly the same way. Or something similar. Guan Shan wouldn’t write “ILU” even at a gunpoint, so he’d totally try to cop out of it – by writing a math equation maybe. IIRC, there was also a Taiwanese (I think?) brand of cigarettes by the same name (“520″) so he could go with that, since he knows HT is a smoker. Like, send him a pic of a cigarette pack with some crude comment Momo style – “smoke urself to death, dogshit”, idk 😅. I like the math equation idea much better though ~

Haha, from the way that glomp looked, it’s all so sweet and clear ~ Ahh it might be a bit vanilla, but I really want Zhanyi to go on a date that would reference the time Xixi took Jian Yi to watch stars on his birthday. Something like an actual picnic under the stars – similar, yet on a whole new level since their relationship got an upgrade. Idk, star-gazing seems to be a theme running for Xixi, and I could see him doing star-related to show his love. Just a weird idea, but I can’t get it out of my head 😅

Did He Tian just tell Guan Shan that he loves him? I know that this chapter is a special, but still. I’m like. it happened, right?

No honestly, He Tian calling Guan Shan Little Mo is like. the cutest shit ever.

Fuh, I’m dying of overcuteness here.

Also, that little heart. That. little. heart.

It’s so. middle-schoolish and like. precious. He Tian is just too adorable.

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Hello there~♥ I've already read all your writings and I like them all. Do you have any plans to continue Huaxia? Or writing another Alpha/Omega tianshan fanfic?

Aw, babe. Thank you! <3

I hadn’t anticipated the kind of reception Huaxia has received so far and my intention had only ever been to draft a oneshot. But people have left such warm and moving comments on AO3 that I am now considering a second chapter.

I don’t have any plans for any further A/B/O fics but I’m always open to drabble requests. However, given the reoccurring dark and dubious themes in omegaverse AUs, the requests would be subject to some personal moral vetting ;)

And, as always, I’m so grateful for all the love x

anastasia4497  asked:

I've been rereading 19 days today and I've been thinking about something, wanted to ask your opinion. Do you think the interest he tian showed in jian yi in the beginning is the same one he has for mo now?


That’s a truly intriguing question, anastasia-san 🤔. It also crossed my mind at some point. I suppose it’s a somewhat unpopular opinion that I’m going to give, but I do believe that, to some extent, He Tian’s attention towards Jian Yi was of a similar nature – yet not exactly the same.

In the beginning, I believe he felt some sort of pull towards Jian Yi. Perhaps not quite of a distinct romantic sort, but he definitely singled Jian Yi out of the school crowd. If you think about it, Jian Yi’s vibe is somewhat similar to that of Momo: both Jian Yi and MGS are very lively compared to He Tian; Jian Yi’s effervescent whereas Momo (used to be) is extremely short-tempered – and both of them are remarkably expressive with their emotions, which is a stark contrast to how He Tian is (or used to be). He Tian clearly liked grating on Jian Yi’s nerves the same way he liked messing with Momo, so it’s not all that unlikely that he truly thought Jian Yi fascinating – precisely because he was getting a strong reaction. And well, let’s admit it, He Tian’s actions in the very beginning of the manhua had some trollish undertones to them.

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