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10 year challenge! Hahaha dejare esto por aquí!

Been a fan since 2009. Been following his career ever since. One of these days I’ll get a chance to meet him. Warmups selfie is the best I can do for now 🇸🇰❤️🏒

එක ඉතාම වටින්නේ ට. මන්ද අද යහපාලකයින් විසින් මෙරටට කරන්නාවූ සියලු විනාශයන්ට තිබෙන හොදම උත්තරය තමයි මේ චැලේන්ජ් එක. 2009 දී මේ රට තිබුන තැනත් 2019 දී මේ රටේ විවිධ විෂයන් තිබෙන තැනත් බලන්න හොදම අවස්තාවක් මේක

Forget about the 😄 and see what Appolonia City has done in just 2 years. You can only imagine how our city will become in

Avatar has got to be my no. 1 all time favourite - .... still such an important message ❤️🙏🏻

Bir Zamanlar Geldik Şimdiki Zamana Dile Kolay Aradan 10 Yıl Geçmiş. Bu Koskoca 10 Yılda Herşey Değişti Tek Değişmeyen Şey Değişimdir.

DeSirenitaaPrincesa!Caí en la curiosidad de mirar el 2009 Pues igual... feliz y tirada por el suelo!

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Hoy hace 10 años que tu corazón se paro para siempre, que mis ojos lloraron continuadamente, que tu voz se quedó perpetuamente muda y que los cielos te recibieron con fuertes y calmantes abrazos! Yo hace 10 años Papá que te fuisteis y que siempre te recodaré y te querré! Suena muy tópico decirlo, pero para mi has sido el mejor padre del mundo! Ya sabes, lo dice nuestra canción favorita:

Puede que hayas

Nacido en la cara buena del mundo

Yo nací en la cara mala

Llevo la marca del lado oscuro

Y no me sonrojo si te digo que te quiero

Y que me dejes o te deje

Eso ya no me da miedo”.

Te quiero Papá🖤


It is my 10th year as as youtuber this year. So in honor of that I am creating gifs from my favorite videos of mine for you guys to use. Been making videos for a decade now! Man how things have changed! I think some of these gifs are onesyou can relate to. I will be working on this all year this year. I encourage you all to make some gifs of your favorite moments you’ve watched me. Silly ones especially because I have a hard time looking at my silly ass face. I thank you all for listening all these years and for the growth you have given me. You’ve taught me a lot. These are for you <3.
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