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Design plays an important role in sales and conversion too You can increase the conversion of the paid product by 102.5% by removing stuff and adding a picture

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend! Here is a useful post on some of the more unknown uses of the spread operator in

Day 16 of and I've learned how to use jQuery and RegEx to build a form and validate the inputs! Now to get it to write to a database... :) Check it out at !

Did you know that you can buy decaf coffee beans? and day 4 started

In react application, want to know more warning about your code? - Use StrictMode StrictMode is a tool for highlight problems in app only on development mode.

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Day 6 - can safely say I spent most of the weekend coding, looking at the same code over two days can be hard I did manage to solve my problem with some help, certainly learned something yesterday. Took an evening stroll

Want to learn more then you can get online? Gilbert was tired of being held back, joined Sabio and now he's developing websites for 21K more a year.🚀

Problem solving skill is more valuable than The knowledge of multiple programming language 🏹⛳️ So Learn how to solve complex problem with any language or framework 💥🏆

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Day 57: Today I studied about data visualization on DataCamp: * How to load a image with python and change his parametres. * Seaborn library * How to plot a graph and linear regression with seaborn * How to plot a residue data

We all get the promise of : enhanced agility, scalability, resiliency, & speed to deploy & maintain components. Unfortunately, not all architectures unlock these values. Partner with a team you can trust👉

, own SNS progress I'm designing up the home page, especially the post part. It needs more considering how to put images or link page, etc.🧐

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60 #SEO Stats to Guide Your #Website #Optimisation #Strategy in 2020 [Infographic]
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