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САЛАТ ИЗ ЗАПЕЧЕННЫХ ОВОЩЕЙ С ТОФУ Ингредиенты: 1. 1 баклажан. 2. 1 кабачок. 3. Руккола...

СЫРНИКИ ИЗ ТОФУ Ингредиенты: 1. 150 г тофу. 2. 250 мл растительного молока. 3. 4-5 столовых ложки рисовой муки...

In 1989, Morinaga silk thread tofu was released as a limited delivery date product. The photograph is a package at the time of sale in 1989.

As it can be stored at room temperature for a long time, it is useful as a valuable protein source during disasters, and is also ideal for the rolling stock method.

【With the rolling stock method】 (1) In anticipation of an emergency such as when a disaster occurs, purchase food etc. from everyday. (2) Buy more for what you normally use. (3) Always stock a certain amount of food etc.

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