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Is Africa Cybercrime-Savvy?:

Visited the Maasai tribe in Tanzania today, and I got to see their school! Spreading some Angel Oak love in Africa!

The dependency of a lot of African nations on Western fooddistributors means that the west can use food as the ultimate weapon to maintain its domination of Africa. ~ Dr Amos Wilson

The true African adventure can only be told by an African without any falsification of historical facts.......hold on tight to as we take you on an . #

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De rodaje y pasandolo muy bien! 'Blackbeach', dirigido por Esteban Crespo. Super equipo, super actores, que mas se puede pedir. Muy agradecido, mil gracias!!

Call for Papers for the 5th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference. Theme: , and the African City. Submit an abstract by July 6th!

By 2035, there will be shortfall of 12.9 million skilled health professionals in . Community health workers are vital to addressing this gap by providing basic healthcare and education services directly to families and community members

Mercedes-Benz's Autobahn scouts talented Korean startups  The Korea Herald Global automotive companies are starting to heavily invest in autonomous driving, customized infotainment systems and sensor tec... via

If blacks are to empower themselves, they must question white originated and self serving rules and ideological justifications for establishing and maintaining white domination as a legitimate expression of power consented to by blacks themselves.~ Dr Amos Wilson

Pleased to join n Heads of mission to welcome the Designated High Commissioner of to .

Ahora, en la legislatura de La Plata, la ciudad sin Luz. No se me ocurre nada más (yo hubiera llamado a linterna verde)

Snapshot from of the beautiful hotel in Namibia || Take us back to Africa... one of our favourite continents yet! Are you guys in seeing more of our travel photos? Comment below 🐆

Anyway bun twitter and their copyright my latest wedding about to hit 10K watch here >> 💕💕 NIGERIAN UGANDAN WEDDING 2019 (AFRICAN) UK VLOG

Was really proud&encouraged by the team from the innovation summit who saw the 25 tonnes of removed from by & came up with short & long term solutions. Thank you to & for the day!

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