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Just made the decision that this will be my next read. The South African writer passed away a few years ago.

That face when you realize tomorrow is Monday and you have to wake up early to go to work. Happy Sunday! Here's a baboon from new collabrative work with , Xtina Parks and Matthew Thornton in Ethiopia!

In Stock! New Product Wouxun KG-B55 DUAL Base Station Radios 136-174/400-480MHZ NGN 220,000.00 Click here to order now... Contact: +2348149980966. Website:

Failed long rains dampen Kenya growth prospects  Business Daily Failed long rains will cut growth in Kenya's national economic output by up to a percentage point, Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) governor has warned, h... via

✨ T O P I ✨ A highly social and fast antelope, and according to @africanwildlifefoundation there are only 300,000 estimated to still be living in the wild.

Immigrants add value to host economies  Business Daily The recent xenophobic attacks in South came at a time when there is a push to establish free continental trade area with majority of African. via

EDITORIAL: Britain’s move to assist Kenya graft war timely  Business Daily Reports that the British government has formed a special team to help Kenya trace and recover assets that are proceeds of corruption and h... via

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