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ooc: This picture reminds me of last night. I'm trying to develop my character's Alters by having them talk to each other but not having any real luck. I get tired and it boils down them screaming at each other, but that's how I envision the conversation going.

ooc. I wasnt kidding, I do have a chatroom by that name-- With bc I love them

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michael wasn't,,, directly bad mouthing, it's the dialogue i'm most iffy on... i just don't have a grasp on anyone else's characters & worry i made rocky too, out-of it somehow??? not that this particular comic needs to be canon! i'd just like to be not too overly "ooc"

*soc selamat pagi. Lini masa saya masih kurang ramai, adakah yang berkenan untuk mengisinya? Setidaknya bisa diajak interaksi/IC, tidak terlalu banyak ooc, dan tidak keberatan dengan akun NSFW. Saya seorang K-OC yang terkadang berkunjung ke Indonesia untuk urusan bisnis

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(( OOC post - Captured! David comforts a semi conscious Riley. Their bad night has just begun! ))

when you’re unsure if you have to salt tonight or just have a normal workday

//lOUD aHHHHHHHH OOC post: My Ink Bendy came in and I'm so pleased 🖤🖤🖤 gOSH I could gush about him DFGHJKLDFGHJK

Advancing my career by getting drunk with the higher ups at my company

One of those days that you should have just stayed in bed... IC and OOC.

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i’m moving my multi. same url. low-activity and highly selective. still the same muses albeit i’ll be cutting a few. literally nothing is set up but you’re welcome to follow me there if you want. no hard feelings if you don’t. otherwise catch me on @twicelit​ for the foreseeable future, liv’s my main now.

ok but modern jinheung has a rebellious side to him, he likes to have fun and not think about what the consequences for his actions will be. he also likes to make it known who he is and if people don’t know, he likes to wear his father’s name as a badge of pride. however, despite all of that, he is actually extremely torn up over the country being at war with itself. he feels very deeply for the issues related to the north and tries to ignore his feelings by trying to be someone who doesn’t care. 

he doesn’t understand why it bothers him, but it often plagues him with dreams and nightmares of his first life but those he also doesn’t understand as well.

update: uni is big stress. definitely zero activity until mid december but idk even about then! I really really want to come back so I may decide if I’ll move or stay in December. Stay tuned I guess???

also ceci has gone through some changes throughout the years that I probably haven’t addressed and probably should when I return ;) they’re not too life changing dw

i have a smol time where i am free before husband must rest for surgery , so while he’s playing resident evil i am going to scroll and perhaps do a draft :*

there is nothing more satisfying to me than giving a character cat ears. im sorry. im stuck in 2007 forever. it’s just my fate. 

Off to bed as I have work in the early afternoon & need to get some sleep to be able to function properly! Will be on afterwards though! x

friendly reminder that , if your character invites her to a dance , post-requiem addison will show up in a suit with an untied bowtie. and yes, it’s because of s/he-ra and because she is a knight , but hush, we deserve it!!