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Systematic, rules-based leaves the emotions out of the game, and generates returns on the as they come. | by

Despite the bad rep have taken, not all of their changes are for the worse. They've made a whole new . Read the they've started in our latest blog post.

The has produced a useful map showing the wide variation that exists across the US regarding laws taxing internet sales. The landscape remains complex for platform companies seeking to sell through the web and across state boundaries.

IBM’s machine argues, pretty convincingly, with humans. Don't miss this video of it in action:

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Listen to global brands like Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, MetLife, SONOS, PepsiCo, Microsoft, BBC, DANONE speak about and technologies in and . Register for the Congress before 29 June and get the early bird rate:

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Uber, Waymo and others to study the 'human impact' of self-driving cars
A trend that makes me chuckle.

So I’m pretty new to OLD. In fact I guess you could say I’m window shopping since I dont have any intentions to go on a date for a while. I really dont want to get emotionally invested and burned straight out the gate. Anyhow, I have been noticing a trend in pictures among Females over 30 that are submitted on OLD sites. These include at least 1 with a small dog, 1 with their best friend, 1 after a charity 5k/10k, and 1 on a boat/kayak. I literally thought these were bots until I got messages from some of them. I still have a good chuckle whenever I come across these profiles, so at least 10 a day.

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