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topic è nelle tendenze Twitter da 14 ore ed è anche un trend mondiale

van de week In de negende TrendRede, een initiatief van Nederlandse toekomstdenkers, wordt vooruit gekeken naar een toekomst die ons zaken als 'anti-cynisme' en 'samensturing' gaat brengen. Nieuwsgierig? Lees meer op

Over the months working on our report in 2018, we engaged much of the agency and our clients to draw insights as to which trends will be most important to concentrate on in 2019. Download the full report now:

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Brands have to develop products rich in fibre to support the growth of benefits gut microorganisms. They also need to educate consumers about the multiple benefits of fibre.Crispy Natural has got products to contain roughage.

Wo ich gerade in - rumstöber: Die innere Teilung Deutschlands manifestiert sich auch im Discounter. Je thüringer desto Lidl.

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You know what this live-action movie trend reminds me of?

The 3D trend.

Remember there was a time where every single movie was in 3D and now? It’s gone. This live action and remake trend is going to die out, I’m positive.